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sensory-rich spaces for your littlest loves.

A play space should be clutter-free, calming, and invite play. Let us help you cultivate learning in your home!

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nursery design

Even babies have sensory needs! Your nursery should help a baby learn to explore her world without overwhelming her senses. 

playroom design

 Too many toys and visual stimuli can actually discourage independent play. Let us help you create a playroom that your kids will want to play in! 

classroom design

Our Educational Consultant will help you organize and design your teaching space to help your kids focus on learning, whether at school or in your home. 

mood boards

If you just need some start up ideas, let us create a customized mood board for your space. It may just be the jump start you need to get going!

design consultant

nicole miller

Nicole is an attorney for special needs families, an adoptive mom, a foster parent, and a special needs mom of a child with sensory-processing disorder.

Through parenting this little one, Nicole was thrust into a world of trying to understand how to help children understand their sense and use them to communicate with the world. Nicole has learned how our senses play a vital role in how each of us receives information and responds to our environments. 

So, Nicole and her sister created Sensible Play Spaces, to help educate other parents on how to cultivate learning and play through sensory-rich environments. We can’t wait to serve your family!


education consultant

Kassidy Outland

Kassidy is a public school teacher, certified EC-6. She has taught in the public school system for 10 years and has experience with children from all walks of life! She’s also a mom of two rambunctious boys. 

Kassidy can help explain your child’s educational needs, and help you create a play space that ensures that he or she meets these goals. 


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